Below, you'll find some select projects I've worked on.

  • Kuma is an open-source control plane solution for service mesh and microservices. I was tasked with building a website that served as both a presentation of the product itself, and as housing for its documentation. For this, I used VuePress, coupled with a layer of customization that adds features VuePress does not currently offer. Kuma is also a CNCF Sandbox project, open source and vendor neutral!

  • The Kuma GUI is a front-end application for managing Kuma resources, policies, and other data from the comfort of your web browser. Built entirely in Vue.js, it runs from within Kuma itself and offers at-a-glance details about your Dataplanes, various Policies, and other mesh service information. This project has offered a wealth of unique problems to solve.

  • As the Mote About page states so perfectly: "We are guardians of the sea and all living things that depend upon it." Big Sea was tasked with creating an awesome user experience that attempts to embrace everything that makes Mote amazing. I was tasked with Sass, JavaScript, HTML, and writing some ExpressionEngine template syntax when needed.

  • The Revs Institute is a mind-blowing journey into the history of all things automotive. Located in Naples Florida, Revs is home to some of the most amazing pieces of car history in the world. I paired up with a colleague to write Sass, HTML, PHP (WordPress), and JavaScript. This is still one of my favorite sites to date.

  • Stars & Strikes is a Georgia-based franchise of family fun centers that offer bowling, laser tag, escape rooms, and even virtual reality. Chris and I were tasked with putting together a complex WordPress-driven framework that allows the user to set their closest Stars & Strikes location, which then globally modifies the site data to display specials, events and other things. I was tasked with building a pattern library, as well as writing all of the Sass, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and Twig.

  • If there is one thing to know about the Tampa Bay area, it's that the people here love craft beer. We delivered. This was a passion project originally started by my friend and colleague Chris Lagasse and pioneered by the Big Sea team. I was tasked with all of the front end code. This included JavaScript, Sass, HTML, UI/UX, and working with Chris to integrate with ExpressionEngine.

  • I worked with the talented James Blevins to put together a streamlined, more modern design that suited the students better and provided them with the pertinent information they need. My role was to build out the front end, which included Sass, JavaScript, and HTML.