• As a complimentary tool to the DEMIGODS API, EldenSearch provides an easy way to search and traverse the Elden Ring weapon stats library. Built with Vue 3, Vite, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS.

  • A simple API built on Express and Node that contains all of the information and detailed stats of every weapon in the Elden Ring universe. Driven entirely by handcrafted JSON files that were sourced from various online data.

  • An interactive map and search tool for all breweries in the Tampa Bay area. Built on Vue and static HTML, our tool allows you to filter by things like food, kid-friendly, guest taps, and more!

  • Kuma is an open-source control plane solution for service mesh and microservices. I was tasked with building a website that served as both a presentation of the product itself, and as housing for its documentation. For this, I used VuePress, coupled with a layer of customization that adds features VuePress does not currently offer.'

  • The Kuma GUI is a front-end application for managing Kuma resources, policies, and other data from the comfort of your web browser. Built entirely in Vue.js, it runs from within Kuma itself and offers at-a-glance details about your Dataplanes, various Policies, and other mesh service information.

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